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          First of all, we must go back in the story of our world.  It is well known that when Patriarch Abraham was called by God from Ur of The Chaldeans thousands of years ago, he believed that God was THE ONE who directed him to go out from his family and town to conquer a Holy Land which God is giving to him, and to the children of Israel.  It was a hard journey, but always Yahweh or El Shaddai (Elohim, Adonai, I AM THAT I AM), always stayed with him in a very supernatural way.  The woman of Abraham, Sarah was very old and they thought that they could not have a baby.  Questions came to them: how would be fulfilled the words that God and his angels revelated to them?    A lot of doubts came to the soul of Abraham, but he continued believing in the Lord.  In this time of waiting, he placed his eyes in a slave Hagar who became the mother of Ismael, and all Arabian nation.  Ismael was born out of the marriage, he was fruit of an extramarital affair.  Time after Abraham understood that he had commited a mistake, leaving his lawfully wife Sarah.    When the relationship between his wife and the slave Hagar turned violent, Abraham decided to evict her with his son Ismael.   God had fulfilled his promise, and Abraham have had a precious son who they named  Isaac, but the fights and rivalries between the son and the bastard became rude.  It was a hard decision, but Abraham expelled out to Hagar and her son.   However, the grace and mercy of God, was also extended to them.  When they have hunger and thirty, God provided for  they a fountain at the dessert.  Place which is known also in our days, as the site where God blessed Hagar and Ismael.  Then the LORD gave promise to her that Ismael was going to be father of another nations, but that his heritage will be totally different to the children of Isaac-Israel.  God is showing that the children of Israel are not going to live in the Land with the Arabian nation.  It was impossible.  In the form, that light is to darkness, or white to black…never they would be living at peace together. 

          Second, why?  I do not have the answer for it.   God is always showing His sovereign on kings and all the inhabitants of this earth planet.  God knows!   But, we can see in all the biblical stories that always Arabian people have been against Israel, and it also was pinpointed for God.  In the New Testament,  letter to the Galatians Chapter 1, we can read as Saint Paul talked clearly about this subject when he explained and announced that was coming from heavens a fake anti Christic message of salvation, and in this same letter he mentioned the antique, actual , and future fight between the children of Jerusalem, and the sons of Ismael.   Saint Paul explained very well that this struggle has its origin in a supernatural stage.  Referring to two different mothers, a spiritual mother, celestial from heavens: Jerusalem, Zion.    By contrast, the another one carnal mother, slave, and full of flesh.  And Saint Paul said:  as Ismael persecuted Isaac, also the children of the slave are going to persecute and martyring to the children of Jerusalem-celestial.

          Finally, radical Muslims, and another Arabian people feel that Western civilization including European countries are not believers.  They call us as unbelievers, infidels, etc. because they consider that they have the absolute, pure truth.  They are like the Catholics at the Inquisition time, when the Catholic church killed Jews and another people who did not agree with its Catechism.   Islamics ruled on Western world for almost 1000 years.  It was a very hard battle to defeated them.  And we must honor the Queen of Spain Isabel The Catholic also for it.  But, are we going to allow Muslim propaganda in our universities, buses, radios and TV stations?   Or by contrast, are we going to invade their schools, mesquites, colleges, radios, internet, and TV channels , with the message of  Celestial light of  Good  News from Judea Christian civilization?  New Crusaders are going there, but at this time not just the fire of the guns but also power from the Holy Ghost.   And it must be done before they try to come to Western, after, it is going to be too late!  At the END in the last battle that is going to take place on our world ARMAGEDDON- MEGIDO the people of Israel are going to be helped for the Messiah King Lord Christ Jesus who is coming with powerful glory and authority to help Israel and her people.   Arabians, Muslims, Persians, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Japaneses, etc. are going to see the power of the LORD GOD OF ISRAEL!


By Flavio C. Farias


Christians loving Israel and her People



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