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The UFOs. Is it real or just science-fiction? BLOG wrote by Flavio C. Farias author of the book:” Los Ovnis. Una de las Senales del Fin” Ed. Clie. Barcelona, Spain 1984. Now working in the translation to English language:” Ufos. A Sign of the Times”

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  It is a very important testimony coming from UNITED STATES AIR FORCE  PILOT AND INVESTIGATOR  Milton Torres interviewed at CNN.

  In order to show how important is this subject the official web site from the WHITE HOUSE has open a page to receive petitions to disclosere this subject covered up during decades.  Down you can sign the petition and also give some insights regarding to this important.  BUT PLEASE DO NOT POLITIZE YOUR COMMENTS.  IT IS NOT REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY INFORMATION.  IT IS JUST FOR THE BEST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND ALL THIS PLANET.


Today February 07/2009 this new information about the petition for the disclosure of UFO existence!!!



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