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FREEDOM OF SPEECH & Internet Freedom

Centuries of holy wars, revolutions as the American or French, Republican Constitutions , or Universal Human Right Declarations, or C ounties & States laws have been inoperative regarding to protect the sacred rights of THE PEOPLE to be informed about everything that can affect to them.   In like manner, in our days a simple but important right to privacy and confidentiality of the citizens have been trespassed for the archi global enemies of the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE; it is the right to have a private without interference or censorship e-mails & social media networking, and internet services.

A parachute of secret regulations, procedures, and cyber technologies plus softwares which are unconstitutional or illegals are allowing to the archi enemies of THE TRUTH…call you them: Communists, Nazists, Muslims, Totalitarian, Globalists, Illuminatis, francmasons, fanatics as you want to call.  These individuals who work from the shadows, behind a computer monitoring your messages, postings, channels, etc.  YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL: AVOID THAT YOUR MESSAGES, POSTS, TEXTS, OPINIONS, INFLUENCE, get the target that you are trying to reach.  It is a sophisticated way in the now known #cyberwar.

It is a calling to the lovers of THE FREEDOM & Democracy to be vigilant! Moreover when you really believe the motto: IN GOD WE TRUSTPRAY A LOT but also make laws to protect yourself & citizens of totalitarian avoiding radical extremist interference or censorship.  GOD BLESS AMERICA & YOU!!!


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