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UFO Disclosure from Chile Air Force officers coming now!!!

UFO DISCLOSURE Read these interesting evidences being published now for Chilean Aeronautic authorites, and another sources:  http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/


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According to the report from Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell :Several alien species have been visiting our planet and they are living among us!!!




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La falsa Religion de la Paz: I S L A M = The antiChrist fake political Global idolatry enforcing false peace!


The impostor anti Christ earthly idolatry promoting GLOBAL government and false peace! It is going to result very attractive under the eyes of the world’s PEOPLE…however, GOD alerted us years ago regarding to this GLOBAL ‘salvation” message promoted by the Beast and friends.  Do not let nobody TO MARK you! Be prepared for HIS C O M I N G!

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