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New English Version for book: ” Los Ovnis. Una de las Senales del Fin”. English name:” UFO. A Sign of the Times”

Foreword English Version

Why I wrote a book about UFOs?

I was a young Catholic man like anybody living at Caracas, Venezuela who was praying God because of personal situations.  God answered in a supernatural way, that I am going to show you in this book.

First of all, this book stars with a personal encounter with the Lord and his Word: “ The Holy Bible “.  It was the first time in my life I had a real revival inside.   I heard the Spirit of the Lord with his Word in the same way as it was written with a deep rejoice.  By example “ Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever “ (Hebrews 13:8) and I was miraculously converted and healed of a disease that wonderful night (September 28, 1976)

Second, at the same time that I was healed and converted as a reborn Christian, I was introduced in a top secret or controversial government COVER UP concept: living beings and life different to the terrestrial life. As it is logic, it changed my anthropocentric thought, which human beings believe that we are the only ones in the immense universe.  Similarly, the experience introduced me in a personal research about another religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Mormonism, Church of Unification Korean S. Moon, Judaism,  Greek mythology, Indian, Aztec, Inca, Maya and Egyptian Cults, etc.  Also, the new discoveries showed for the modern explorations of our galaxy and universe have changed actually the human geocentric concept as well as the exhibition of a big number of movies and TV series as X-files and others.  Also books as “ The Day After Roswell “ wrote by US Army Colonel Del Corso who gave testimony of the crash of an extraterrestrial spaceship on the city of Roswell (New Mexico) short after World War II which changed totally his life and human technological and scientific conception until that Roswell’s day.

Finally, after to be baptized by the Holy Ghost and a long research I was baptized in water for a nice American real missionaries at Caracas, Venezuela (June 06, 1978), who showed and taught me and my wife a new experience.  It was living the Word and loving God and fellows.  God opened the doors of the United States of America (Jan/1982) and I finished my Bachelor degree majoring Psychology which I had started in my native country: Chile (School of Psychology/Santiago/Sede Macul Oriente).  I got my degree at Mercer University Atlanta/Georgia (1984).  At this time, the First Edition of my book: “ Los Ovnis.  Una de las Senales del Fin “ or UFOs.  A Sign of the Times (CLIE Publisher, Spain, 1984) was published at September, 1984.  The book was very well sold with a good answer from the public.  Now twenty six years later I am doing my First Version in English language. The most important reason for that:  it is the tragic criminal coward terrorist attack which changed the life and mentality of the American people at September 11,  2001.  It showed me that the Holy Bible or Word of God has reason, and that we wrestle not against flesh and blood…  All the previous reasons motivated me to write a new X-Chapter:  UFO is seen and tracked for USAF on the Teheran’s mountains (Iran/September 1976, report from the Associated Press), and another extra Chapter with reference to the Islam and its book: The Koran.

Flavio C. Farias

Minister of God

Miami, October 18, 2010.


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