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UFOs speeding on the skies of our earth!

UFOs are already a matter of fact.  It was in the past, when speak on this subject was seen as something weird or crazy. People who gave their testimonies about this, were persecuted,prejudiced, and in the worst of the cases as occurred in some churches: persecuted.  The situation is totally different in the actual moment, because of the use of sophisticated digital laser photographic and video cameras, solar ultra ray telescopes, advanced satellites and spacial surveillance.  All this technology has exploded to exhibit a multicolored spectrum of sophisticated UFOs which speeding on the skies of our earth in a daily parade of spaceships making sophisticated and high level acrobatic exercises and maneuvers…which are absolutely impossible to do by human technology air space ships. All these  videos have been taped countless times and posted in blogs and social networks without prejudices neither alterations.

The last UFOs seen on New York, Manhattan. Russia, China, Brazil, Mexico, and California in the last days, are showing dramatically to THE PEOPLE of our planet that: WE ARE NOT ALONE…they are already here: speeding on the skies of our earth!


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  1. There are some good books out on the subject.

    See: http://christianliberal.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/secret-alien-contact-contracts/

    Comment by christianliberal | October 20, 2010 | Reply

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